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It’s Magic

Thank You for a wonderful night of magic.


Happy Christmas!

May the Christmas PRESENTS remind us of God’s greatest GIFT – His only begotten Son.

May the Christmas CANDLES remind us of Him who is the LIGHT of the world.

May Christmas TREE remind us of another TREE on which He died for us.

May the Christmas FEAST remind us of Him who is the BREAD OF LIFE.

May the Christmas CAROLS remind us of His glad tidings which we are to proclaim to all mankind,

May the Christmas season remind us in every way of Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a Christ-centered productive New Year.

~an excerpt fromFrancis Kong’s blog~

Because today is not just a Merry Christmas but also a Happy Birthday!


Today is My Birthday

Thank You for the golden years plus more,

where laughter outnumbered the tears,

colors dominated the grays,

and your LOVE outweighed all else.

I welcome another 365 days of challenges and bliss,

another chance to live, laugh and love,

another reason to smile in your everlasting love.

I trust, believe and claim

Jeremiah 29:11; 33:3

TODAY is beautiful. 🙂